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Serving 100k calls per month already in 3 major languages

Deploy your own AI phone agent in less than 5 minutes

Our AI agents handle customer interactions 24/7, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency. Tailored to your brand's voice, they ensure consistent, human-like engagement.
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AI voice assistants tailored to your business needs

No tedious onboarding process or technical training

Scale to unlimited calls with 24/7 availability

Listen, track metrics and improve conversations

Achieve incredible results
with our AI Agents.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce call center operational costs while enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

24/7 Availability

Assist whenever needed, ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Agent 0% Churn

Our human-like AI Agent ensures consistent engagement and builds lasting connections.

Customer details

Handle multiple conversations simultaneously, reducing wait times.

How do our AI Agents work?

Humanize the AI Agent with unique characteristics and teach them
about your business so they can handle the hard work.

Organize your AI Agent's To-Do list.

Define pre-call and post-call tasks and responsibilities for your AI agent based on the case.
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Learn from every call.

Analyze call data for detailed behavior insights. Review call summaries, tones, key topics, and more.
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See how our AI Agents
can help you.


Sandra E'com

Our AI Agents manage your appointments 24/7, ensuring you have a fully packed schedule.
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Alex Teller

Our AI agents automatically gather all the needed info to help your sales team qualify leads in one call.
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Mia Appointments

Automate market research with our AI Agents, gather insights, and analyze data faster.
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Finally, a conversational AI platform
your team will love

Hear it directly from our customers.

Since implementing Elemente's AI phone agents, we've seen a remarkable improvement in our call center's performance. The AI handles calls seamlessly, provides accurate information, and even assists with scheduling. Our customers appreciate the quick responses, and we've noticed a significant reduction in wait times.
Federico García
Customer Service Representative
Elemente has transformed our customer service operations. Their AI agents handle most routine inquiries efficiently, allowing our human agents to focus on more complex tasks. The setup was straightforward, and the support from the Elemente team has been exceptional. I highly recommend it!
Roberto Urrea
Customer Service Manager

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