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We provide a robust platform for integrating AI capabilities into your applications, offering functionalities such as voice interactions, skill management, detailed agent actions, and much more. Discover how we do it.

Less stress, more AI for:


Easily integrate advanced AI features into your applications.


Automate processes, reducing manual effort.


Handle increasing workloads with a reliable API infrastructure.


Ensure secure data handling with authenticated access.

Easily manage your phone numbers

The Numbers API lets you handle phone numbers in your application. You can purchase, list, configure, and delete numbers as needed.

Initiate and manage outbound calls

The Outbound Call API allows you to initiate and control outbound calls automatically. Set up call flows and manage call events for a smooth user experience.

Automate call actions

The Actions API helps you automate and manage various tasks during a call. Trigger actions based on call events, handle recordings, and perform custom tasks.

Manage your call center agents with different profiles and characteristics.

The Agents API allows you to efficiently manage call center agents. Create profiles, assign skills, monitor status, and handle interactions to ensure smooth conversations.

Assign and manage agent skills and knowledge base.

The Skills API enables you to assign and manage skills for your call center agents. Create skill categories, assign skills to agents, and update them with knowledge base from your brand as needed to ensure efficient conversations.

Securely manage your secrets info.

The Secret API allows you to securely retrieve confidential information. Using basic authentication, you can access stored secrets by their unique ID. This API ensures that your sensitive data remains protected and is only accessible to authorized users.

Personalize your agent's voice to match your brand's needs.

Personalize your agent's voice to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand identity. This feature allows you to create a consistent and engaging customer experience by using a voice that reflects your brand's personality and values

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